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CALLING ALL GRADUATES!! Diploma Framing at it's Best.

June is almost here - graduations have begun! Cap and gown, graduation ceremonies, and awarding diplomas for your achievements. Every graduate should be proud of the effort, hard work and tenacity it took to receive their diplomas. Don't let your diploma gather dust in your closet. Preserve it, show it off! Your achievement deserves to be acknowledged by all!

Take care of your diploma. We offer a special diploma frame for our grads. Your diploma will be framed in a classic style, with acid free backing and matboard. An elegant gold rimmed black frame, classic cream colored matboard with that special finishing touch - a gold filet around the the diploma.

Frame Your Diploma with Our Special Frame

Bring your diplomas, your awards, certificates, licence, the first dollar you earned, or anything that is special to you that deserves quality preservation to one of our locations in Poughkeepsie or Pawling. We'll help you take good care of your hard earned diploma!

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