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Had my original Woodstock Poster framed here. What a Great Decision! Of course the finished product looks Fantastic! But what blew me away was the service! Marie and her sister delivered an EXPERIENCE LOL. I did not expect to have such a good time picking out the color scheme. They were flying around throwing all these colorful frames and matt combos at me, giving me so many options and different looks. They really took their time with me which was nice because I really wanted to have the Perfect Frame! After many choices and some helpful input we decided on something totally unexpected colorwise AND I LOVE IT! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Also it should be noted that it is a family owned and operated business which is another plus in my book. I highly recommend giving them a shot. As for me I will definitely be back. Pricing was transparent, the work was great and the service EXCEPTIONAL! Definitely check them out you will be happy you did!

Jhé Kos

" Thanks so much to Marie and Carl at the Village Frame Shop for transforming an old map print into this beautiful piece. I'm so grateful for their guidance and expertise in every step of the process."


"Such great work. Knowledgeable and precise. I can't think of a better option to entrust your cherished collectible or family heirloom with."

Kolby S.

I was really happy with the Village Frame Shop. Christmas rush, I had a last minute present to get together. ... Many thanks to Marie at the Village Frame Shop for making this last minute, thrown-together idea of a gift into something spectacular.

If you value your photos or art, this is the place to have it framed. You will be very happy.

Julie P.

"​I've been in to The Village Frame Shop with a variety of framing needs - from diplomas to large 5' x 5' oil paintings - and the staff there has never failed! Each time I've picked up a very professional finished product and I've always been very satisfied. They are very knowledgeable and have tons of options for frames, colors, mattes, glass, etc. I plan to return in the future."

Ravi B.

​"I had three pieces framed...All museum quality materials. Love the way the pieces turned out. They are really nice people too...I think they gave me good design advice."

Martha F.

"Marie did a great job matting and framing this poster for my new apartment, quality work at a great price. It looked so good I brought a second one back a few weeks later, thanks so much Marie and Village Frame Shop!"

Eric G.

"Beautiful shop, knowledgeable owners, nice work. Stop by the store and take a look! Well worth it!"

Regina B.

"I had brought my needlepoint to a competing (box store type) and was shocked at the finished work. I took it to the Village Frame Shop and I was so pleased. They know what they are doing. This is the professional place to go."

Jenny G.

Customer Reviews for The Village Frame Shop

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