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Coolest Little Shadowbox

Our new customer, who is a collector of all things American Flag, brought in a set of flag postal stamps and a pretty, little, round cosmetic compact. It is decorated with sparkly studs and the American Flag. It is so cute she wanted to add it to her collection of flags.

Mini Shadowbox - cosmetic compact mirror
Framed postage stamps

Both of these framed pieces are no larger than 7 inches each. The stamps are framed with a double mat of acid free matboard. The compact mirror was set in a backing made of foam board covered with a dark blue matboard. We made a circular cut out in the boards, just enough to set the compact into it and give it support. There is a bit of removable adhesive on the back of the compact to secure it to the backboard. Both of these pieces preserve the art and showcase it in the best way possible.

We love the opportunities we have to look at these private collections our clients bring in to frame. Bring your next collectible in to the Village Frame Shop in Poughkeepsie or Pawling. We frame jerseys, t-shirts, flags, stamps, military medals and more. Got something special you want to keep safe? Bring it in and let's take explore the possibilities together!

We are open in Poughkeepsie Tueday - Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 10am-3pm. Pawling is open on Saturday 10am-3pm and by appointment.

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