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Timeless, Elegant Framing. A Beautiful Example.

Lasting quality and beauty shines in this classic picture frame. This beautiful piece of art, a watercolor painting is about 4" high x 12" long. Our customer brought it in wanting to make this delicate piece look and feel substantial. Immediately we recognized that if a thin molding was used to frame this, it could easily become lost on the wall. It deserves to stand out and be seen in a room.

Classic flat gold panel molding for framing with timeless beauty


It didn't take long for us to find this beautiful molding. The Academy line by Omega Moldings achieved exactly what the customer wanted and what we knew was right for this piece.

Bring your art in to the Poughkeepsie or Pawling location and choose from hundreds of moldings. Together we will find the perfect frame for your art.

Remember our consultations are free!

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