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Picture Perfect & Ready To Frame! Or Not? The Magic Of Retouching.

Baby Photo ready to Frame

Here is our precious, most adorable, newest member of our family - Lucy. We LOVE Lucy. Just 8 months old, our family takes a lot of photos of her. Who wouldn't? When our kids are growing we want to capture every mind blowing event so we always have it to look back upon and feel the love again. This photo is absolutely ready to frame. Pick your style: antique, modern, classic.. Any style would look great with this. Add a mat, a filet and pretty frame and she's ready to go.

Not always do our spontaneous photos turn out like they were posed by a professional. It's some times a lucky break when you get a frame worthy photo like this.

Let me let you in on a secret. This was retouched. The background was completely different. One of her Grandma's dressed her up in the tutu and flower headband, sat her on the sofa and took a few pictures with her iPhone. Of course at the Village Frame Shop we love to take something good and make it great so, we couldn't resist the urge to do the same with Lucy's photo.

It started with just wanting to remove the wash cloth that was on the top left of the photo. Then there was that glare on the leather sofa. The brown leather and stars on the pillow...just wasn't the best background for our little one.

First we thought a white background. Then after a few experiments we settled on the light blue background.

retouched progression from The Village Frame Shop of Poughkeepsie

There are great photography studios and artists with retouching skills nearby so you can rethink the photos you have before you frame them. Just give us a call, we are happy to talk to you.

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