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Our Priority Is Protecting Your Art. With Spacers. What Is A Spacer Anyway?

Have you ever found an old framed photo and decide that Flock-of-Seagulls hair cut your husband had was not they way you want the kids to remember him? You open up the frame and try to take out the photo only to find the photo is seemingly glued to the glass? Uggh. Should have had a spacer in that frame. In an eariler post Creating Depth in a Frame we mentioned spacers, but here I hope to convey a deeper undertanding of spacers and how valuable they are when it comes to protecting your art.

We have customers bring in art which they would like framed without a mat border around the image. They want the art right up to the edge of the frame. In a case like this we use a spacer, a thin plastic strip that is adhered to the glass in order to create space between the art and the glass which prevents moisture from building up. It is the moisture which causes the art to stick to the glass making it impossible to remove without damage to the art. These little spacer gizmos work miracles for preserving art.

photo framed without a mat border

Framing with spacers to protect art

The print in this sample is the our family photo. The orignal photo (hence the deep crease on the side of the photo) is framed with a matboard and a filet. Like the spacer the mat keeps the glazing off the art. The filet adds a decorative feature which also pulls your eye in to the art. As a side note, we had this original photo retouched and reproduced by our local phtotography studio On Location Studios. More on what possabilities a good retoucher can offer in a future post!

photo framed with matboard and filet

We take a lot of pride in the care we express in handling and framing your art. We follow high standards in all aspects of framing. We use thoughtful care in the process from how we will mount the art onto the back board to what we will use as a dust cover on the back of your finished piece. We believe all art is precious and should be cared for properly.

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