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Framing Without Glazing

What? No glazing? Are we kidding? Nope, no joke. We recently framed two different pieces of art which the owners felt would be better without glazing (glass or acrylic). Sure, they will require extra care and protection from sunlight and dust but the owners felt it was worth the extra care.

sink mat framing of a ceramic tile without glazing

This sweet ceramic tile was made by our clients daughter when she was a child. Our client wanted to display it in a way that wasn't just the usual plate hook and spring or gluing it to a piece of board. She wanted a method which would showcase the piece. So here is what we did:

We built up around the tile and underneath the mat board with foam board until the mat board was just about even with the tile. The tile is supported by the build up and a dab of removable adhesive on the back. We popped it into this beautiful wood grained molding that picks up on the colors of the tile. Our client loved the results.

Holographic Print

This amazing piece is a holographic print. The substrate has a transparency to it and it reflects a range of colors. It looks different from every angle from which it is viewed. I really don't know the printing technique but the results are amazing.

Here our client wanted to have a frame with depth, a shadow box without it looking like a shadow box. We chose a neutral mat on which to hinge the art and line the sides of the frame.

Glass, even the best quality would interfere with the subtle shimmers of colors reflected in the light so she decided to go without the glazing at all. The results are spectacular.

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