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Framed Up - Vicki Sawyer "Huntington" Owl Print

"... if birds could build nests,then they could make hats."

This is the inspiration for Vicki Sawyer's upcoming show on June 1st, in Franklin, TN. Her show will mark the 10 year anniversary of working with this whimsical theme.

A customer of ours at the Village Frame Shop in Poughkeepsie brought in one of Vicki Sawyers prints to frame. We put together this beautiful rustic but refined molding and warm, rich matboard to really show off the print. With over 1500 moldings to choose from, we found so many combinations that we all loved but this frame design really stood out to all of us. This is a very good example of how reflection control glass helps to view the art with out interference of light reflecting off the glass.

Vicki Sawyer "Huntington" Limited Edition Owl Pritn

We think it looks amazing. Check out more of Vicki Sawyer's work at her website.

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