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Here is an Economical Way to Display Photos!

We get quite a bit of photography to frame here in Village Frame Shop. Clients will display their photography in pop-up shows. For this we will mount photos on foam board and trim to the edges of the work. Foam board is stiff , sturdy and comes in two thicknesses, 3/16" and 1/2". The photos are mounted to the foam board with our heat press rendering a smooth wrinkle free bonding. Foam board comes in sizes up to 48" x 96" and can be quite sturdy when you use the 1/2" thickness. Mounting photos this way does not protect your art from light, heat, dust or other elements but can be a very economical way to display them temporarily.

My friend Marjorie wanted to come up with a decoration for her huge wall in her rental home but didn't want to put holes in the walls, and is on a very tight budget. We thought of using this mounting technique and coming up with a unique way to display her photos. While searching for information we came across a post on the site

photos mounted on 1/2 inch foam board

Pictured here are 5x7 prints mounted to 12" foam board. To hang them on the wall, you could have us mount these tooth hooks (below) on the back of the foam board. You can then hang them on a picture hook or nail.

Foamboard tooth hook

Those wonderful command hooks for pictures work beautifully for this application as well.


You could create easily updated displays of your photos a wide variety of sizes, both standard and custom. Whatever your framing needs are - we have the solution that is just right for you!

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