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This is Stunning! Fabulous Art Groupings on Large Wall Space.

This spectacular home has vaulted ceilings and large rooms. Plenty of wall space. The homeowners took advantage of the space to have fun showcasing their art. The picture below shows one of the walls of their dining room. Their antique hutch fits nicely into a nook and there is still a huge expanse of wall to fill with art. Here they chose to show off their collection of painted wood tiles. They are framed in different colors of the same simple, thin, wood molding and spaced evenly over the expanse of the wall.

Grouping these smaller pieces together to form one big art piece creates unity and drama.

The other side of the dining room has two distinct groupings. A small group is centered around the bar cart. A solitary large serigraph is alone in the center of the wall. They hung the art at about eye level for perfect viewing while sitting at the table.

The colors of the images are very similar as are the matboards used to surround the art. An effective way to add colorful drama to their room.

Here we are in their living room. A room with great drama on its own! The homeowners were able to create a more informal look by the positioning of the art groupings on this wall. Instead of spreading the art out evenly spaced in a more formal arrangement, they went a little off center. They grouped the similar sized pieces together and staggered a couple. The smaller piece on the right end is balanced with the little wood flourish hung just above and the antique lamp below.

Create Drama With Grouping of Art on Large Walls

Fun, playful, dramatic. Art is unique to the beholder. There are so many ways to frame your art, here these owners used the Village Frame Shops design expertise to create just the ambiance they want in their home.

You can have fun with your art too. Come in to our shop, look around, get inspired! We are open 4 Days in Poughkeepsie. See you there!

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