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Your Choice: Craft Store Frame Department or Local Custom Framer? What's the difference?

While in line at the market I was listening to a woman tell her friend that she used a 50% off coupon for a custom framing department at a craft store to frame her mothers' photo collage. Even with the coupon it was more than what she wanted to spend but decided that her mom's collage was special and she wanted it custom framed. She was happy when she picked up the art and gave it to her mom. Mom had it on the wall just one day when she found it in pieces on the floor. The frame joint came apart, the piece fell to the floor, the glass damaged one of the photos.

This may not be the typical experience for most although we have customers bring in pieces which were framed at the box store framers which had to be redone. We have heard from more than one customer " I usually go to [Blank], but I decided I wanted this one done right so I found you."

I would like to make a statement here, not about the problems of a competitor but rather about us: who we are, as the Village Frame Shop of Pawling and Poughkeepsie and what we are all about.

The Village Frame Shop of Pawling and Poughkeepsie is:

  • Family owned - We personally stand behind every job.

  • Family operated - It is only us who handles your art with care. We treat your art as we would our own.

  • Educated, experienced framers - We have studied framing! And we continue to keep up to date. We have a thorough understanding of proper use of materials and methods for handling and framing all different types of art from precious art to "refrigerator" art.

  • We are skilled artists, craftsman and designers - Each of us make art ourselves, from sculpture, and painting to engineering and carpentry.

  • All work is done in house. There is no corporate warehouse factory where they are cutting and joining. We personally handle every job.

  • Flexible, personal services. We provide personal service from start to finish. We work with you. From choosing the right frame style to meeting your price point.

  • We don't have to make our Wall Street revenue bottom line. We won't tell you that you need something that you don't just to make our profit margin.

  • Selection - Hundreds of frames and mat boards to choose from.

  • Creative - The only limit is your imagination. We have a large selection of frames at varied prices.

  • Service - We offer delivery and installation services by a licensed, insured contractor.

We truly love what we do. And it shows.

Give us a call for an appointment at either one of our locations: 203-249-2880.

Our consultations are free, of course!

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