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Progress Report: The Poughkeepsie Shop

We are almost there! We had the cabinets and counter built, the files are here, and the shelving is going up. We spent part of yesterday hanging molding corners up on the wall. We have so much room in our new location that we will be offering an even wider range of picture frame moldings.

Over the weekend we had the cutting equipment and tools brought over and set up. This week we focused on organizing the tables and unpacking.

start of the day. getting ready to open the shop
Duplicating the interior of the Village Frame Shop of Pawling for the new location

We spent the day along side the contractors getting the rest of the shop together.

Our new computerized mat cutter is all set up in the rear, the glass cutter is hung on the wall and

Village Frame Shop Interior progress

First Call Home Repair and Maintenance has done and AMAZING amount of work to recreate the fine cabinetry we have in Pawling.

entry way the Village Frame Shop in Poughkeepsie

The customer waiting area by the front of the shop.

The corner moldings are going up on the walls. The welcome sign will soon be on the front door!

We are very excited to open. While we have been working on the space we have had some customers pop in! Not officially open yet! We will post more progress as it comes! Can't wait to see everyone at the new shop!

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