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How to Create Depth in a Frame Without Using a Shadowbox Molding.

We were presented with this very eclectic collage to be framed. Unlike the art from our previous posts, this HAD to be under glass as this is to hang in a kitchen. The glass protects the art from light, dust, grease and more.

collage to be framed - Village Frame Shop of Pawling and Poughkeepsie

This collage has a lot of pieces added to it, puffs, pipe cleaners, torn edged pieces of paper, all delicately placed on the piece.

Our challenge was to create enough depth in the frame to keep all the elements from touching the glass.

When art comes in direct contact with glazing over time condensation forms. This can cause mold to develop or make the art stick to the glazing. Ugh! Ever try to change the photo from one of the picture frames you had with your old boyfriend or girlfriend only to find the photo was completely GLUED to the glass? Yup, that's what professional framers know how to avoid!

We really did not want to use a heavy extra thick molding as used in shadowboxes for flags or other bulky items. Instead we chose a molding that has a substantial depth, added two mats, foam board build ups and spacers.

Deep framing by building up under the mats and using spacers

Let me explain. We wanted the art to have the room to do what it wants to. The edges curl, the pom poms - well they puff and the paper is buckled naturally from the use of water color paint. We hinged the art to an acid free backboard. Then we surrounded the art with 3/6" thick foam board creating space between the art and the mat. (You can see this previous post on build ups with foam core if you'd like to learn more). Then we repeated that with a second complimentary mat board.

This gave us about a half inch of breathing space between the art and the glass. Still we found that the fuzzy little pom poms were brushing against the glass so we added a spacer between the top mat and the glass. (more on spacers in a later post!)

So here it is! A framed collage with extra depth without using a shadow box!

Collage Framing without a shadow box

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