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WOW! We Love This One!

Recognizing that we just had a post about two very special pieces of art that we framed without glazing - we just have to share this one because it is so special.

Our customer came into the shop the other day with this very small square painting on a metal tile. It's about two and a half inches by two and a half inches. This is a beautiful hand painted scene of two small children playing in a field with two tall trees behind them. Our customer acquired it when her own two children were small because it reminded her of them. Now her children are all grown up and she cherishes this little, beautiful, painting. She told is she has just had it lying on her dresser but wants a way to really display it. We all agreed that a stand on the back rather than wire for hanging was the way to go.

We played with several different combinations of frames and mats mixed together. You really could go in so many different directions this piece from stoic woods to crisp solids. We all loved this combination of bright blue and green double mat with this beautiful sponged textured thin molding, the best. Bright, cheerful and honoring of the happy memories it evokes for our customer. We love it, our customer loves it and we think you might too!

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