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Conservation Framing: Sink Mats

There are a methods for Conservation Framing which will be explored further in future posts. In this post we will illustrate a method of independent support of art called Sink Mats

When the piece of art is done on a stiffer substrate, lets say it's art on wood, it needs to be supported in the frame. The concept is to build a support around the art which will hold it in place. Sink Mats have a build up around the art made from acid free foam board, constructed to the thickness of the art which will add support and hold it in place so a mat can be placed over the art. Take a look at how we do that.

We have here a mocked up antique painting. The Stars and Stripes - Mini.

We made this mini replica here at the Village Frame Shop. This is to mimic a painting done on wood. Let's imagine that it's old, chipping and fragile and the customer wants to mat and frame it under glass. We would recommend conservation glass to protect it from further deterioration by harmful UV light rays.

On the properly sized matboard, we build up the sides around where the art will be set. These foam board strips are attached with ATG tape.

The art slips right in. We place an acid free paper tab under the art to make removing it simple.

With the art securely in place, the mat is placed over it. For this purpose we attached the mat with a linen tape hinge across the top.

And there you have it. Ready to glaze and frame! Our customer can pick out their custom frame and Conservation Glass. Oh! Conservation Glass blocks up to 99% of UV light rays! That protects the art from the deterioration and discoloration light can cause!

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