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Framing Crewel Embroidery

Happy to frame fabric! Each type of art piece is framed in a different way. Paintings often are stretched over wood frames, watercolor paper may be hinged, photos or posters may be press mounted. There is a way to frame everything! We are always looking for new, fun pieces of art to frame. Always in awe of what artists and folks like us create...and loving the different materials on which artists create!

We recently framed a crewel embroidery. Crewel embroidery is quite labor intensive, requiring detailed stitches onto fabric. Our client embroidered this when her son was born 10 years ago. When she saw our shop had opened she brought it in for framing. (We like to think she was just waiting for us to come to town!) We added a bit of padding underneath to help it fill out, pinned it to the board, then added an acid free mat and closed it up.

She kept her framing choice sweet and simple. This is a wood frame, with a transparent green stain allowing the natural wood grain to show. Nicely accents the handwork. We love framing fabric!

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