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Sweet Pen and Ink Drawing in Beautiful, Delicate, Color, Frame

These sweet pen and ink drawings were brought to us at the Village Frame Shop of Pawling and the customer has had these since 1967. You can see they are slightly frayed around the edges and have some staining on them. The drawings are of sentimental value and our customer wanted them protected.

Small drawings, about 4"x6", our customer chose to float them in the frame, showing the worn edges and these popular thin colored wood moldings. They come in an assortment of colors, all thin and delicate in appearance. They were mounted with t-hinges, and are completely removable. The hinge won't leave any stains or residue on the art. We used conservation mat board, acid-free of course and glare free glass. When art is floated like this, spacers are added between the art and the glass to prevent the art from ever touching the glass. Their sentimental artwork is protected and any further deterioration is halted. Plus, they look beautiful!

These frames come in popular colors and have a unique texture that resembles sponge painting and a high gloss finish

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