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Our First Post! A Unique Custom Frame for Children's Art

We were looking for a way to frame a child's drawing which would go well in our clients more tradional living room. This wasn't the place for bright colors and cute frames. In this case our clients childs drawing is for a needlepoint design.

Her mom loved that her daughter worked on this design during her free period in school over the course of a week, and carried the design around in her backpack! Mom wanted to save all the signs of wear and tear so we showed those "flaws" off by floating it on the acid free matboard by way of Japanese paper hinges secured unseen on the back. By choosing an elegant linen liner mat with a gold filet, and finishing it off in an antiqued gold frame, this child's art fits right in with her mom's living room decor.

We use conservation materials such as acid free matboard and Japanese hinges to make certain art is preserved. Everything we do to frame art can easily be removed without any harm to the art itself.

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