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FRAMED! Thin, Sleek, Modern, Metal Frame for Your Art

Here is beautiful example of our new metal frames at work. This is a mixed media work by local artist Linda Pennachio, (you can see more examples of her work by clicking on the photo). She used an 8 ply white mat - much thicker than the standard matboards 8 ply mats add an understated richness to the piece. Her frame is the matte finished black metal frame. It is so unobtrusive with the white mat it allows the art to stand alone and be seen in it's entirety.

Sleek, understated elegance with a metal picture frame. Shown here is Linda Pennachio's mixed media.

I just took an order to frame an original autographed photo of James Cagney. He chose our in stock Super White Matboard by Crescent, and the Larsen Juhl's metal frame in Blue Pewter. We will be sure to post a photo when this one is framed!

James Cagney autograph and Larsen Juhl Metal frame at The Village Frame Shop

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