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We've Got A Question! Is This Insider Art? Naïve Art? Or Folk Art?

No matter what it is called, we like it!

We get a lot of really great art in our shops. Some by established artists, famous artists or budding artists. Viewing the different styles of art that come into our shop is like having a private showing in an art gallery or museum!

A client brought in this series of paintings they bought on the street, painted by a homeless man, Lincoln Cyrus. We love the simple, bold palate, the flat perspective and the playfulness of his work.

Long Life painting of a parrot

Naïve art by definition is art created by a person who lacks formal art education. It is often simple and frank, and has a flat style to it, much like this work. We don't know if this artist has had any art education. If he has, he could be mimicking the style. If that's the case here, this would make his work fall into the category of Primitivism. Primitive art is actually a trained artist mimicking the style of the untrained artist. Go figure!

Adversity painting

Some of the more interesting naïve work can be seen in the world of Outsider Art. Originally said to depict extreme mental states, unconventional ideas and elaborate fantasy worlds created by those who have had little or no contact with the mainstream world. Now, Outsider Art is more broadly applied to self-taught, naïve art makers.

It is most captivating to see how we as humans, educated or not, are compelled to make art in any and all forms. It is the expression of our heart and souls for all to see. I for one am happy to have a great place to witness the unfolding of human expression through art brought into the Village Frame Shop.

Pure Oomph painting

Here our clients chose to continue the bold, playfulness of his art choosing frames that beautifully compliment the work. The medium thickness of the moldings, the flatness of the frame and the bold colors that directly reflect the colors in the paintings. Well done!

My Destiny painting
Cats abstract painting

Bring your art in the the Village Frame Shop for a free consultation! Tuesday - Saturday in Poughkeepsie, Saturday in Pawling. See you there!

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